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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Special Meeting Minutes
Saturday, March 27, 2004
9 am in the Clubhouse

A. Welcome and Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at approximately 9 am by the President, Joe McGee. Board members present were, Vince Castelli, Vice President, Vince Miller, Member at Large, Elaine Davidson, Secretary, Troy Purnell, Treasurer and Valerie Sharp as Recording Secretary. Joe introduced the Board members and thanked everyone for attending (approximately 30 homeowners were present).

B. Old Business: Pool Contracts were first on the agenda. Scott Flor from American Pool company gave his presentation. Scott explained and showed the board a "Lifeguard Managers Folder". These books are given to every pool. The can also be customized for our pool and our rules. This book includes the responsibilities and operating sheets, etc. for the lifeguards and health dept. Several questions were asked to Scott from the board one of which is how American handles a lifeguard who does not show up for work. American Pool has a tracking system that they use on their guards. The guards must call into the office when they arrive at the pool, which is the start of their time clock, and then call back in when they will be leaving. The lifeguards are also responsible for cleaning the pools, which is not built into the contract, but they will adjust for that if needed. American also provides the shirts, hats, etc. Needed to distinguish the lifeguard. As far as lunch for the lifeguard, American will usually have a adult swim for 15 minutes at which time the lifeguard can eat their lunch. Joe asked if the pool is shut down for any reason will American deduct $1000 or even $500 from their contract. The answer is no. Scott explained that there are fixed costs in the contract that they pay no matter what, ex. Insurance, etc. If the pool does have to close during the day, the money for that day will be adjusted. Scott will also make sure the cleaning is done before the pool is scheduled to be open. He will also will make sure to let his guards know of the check-in policy at the front gate. American also has Red-Cross training for all of their guards and is working with students overseas who speak English, training them for lifeguard positions. American has retained a 92% rate of their clients over the past 3 years that Scott has been with the company. A discussion was held regarding the price of the contract in which Scott lowered the contract price $500 to $34,200.00. Scott really wants to prove himself and get in the door. Joe thanked Scott for coming and took some questions some of the homeowners had. Mr. Schammel of lot #109 asked about staggered pool openings and leaving one pool open later in the evening. After much discussion, this was done years ago and didn't work but we will put a survey in the newsletter and ask the homeowners what they would like to do and take that survey into consideration.

John Jarvis from Atlantic Aquatechs was next on the agenda. They have been our pool company for the past several years. John explained his new computerized system he has developed to measure the water quality at all times. The new system is called "Teleguard" . It measures the chemicals in the pool every 10 seconds then goes through the phone line to their office through computer software. He stated how water quality is a separate issue from the lifeguards and cleaning the pool. John also has signed up with the foreign students. John is the instructor for the certification of pool operators. He has gotten more than ½ his staff signed up right now each with their own employment contract. Johns contract price is $34,500.00. ($300.00 more than American). After some discussion and more questions from the board it was noted that the owners at Assateague Pointe drive away the lifeguards themselves. It is our responsibility to enlighten the owners as to the rules and regulations of the pools. The best way for the lifeguard to handle the A.P. Owners is to mingle with them and get to know them. They then can have a repore with each other and will be better for everyone in the long run. John suggested that we also put a ad in our newsletter for lifeguards at our pool (young and old). The board thanked John for coming.

After a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of both pool companies, the owners present had a show of hands as to which company they preferred. Elaine Davidson made a motion to accept American Pools modified contract from 3 years to 1 year and the pool will be vacuumed before the start of the shift at no additional charge. Vince Miller 2nd the motion. All were in favor.

C. New Business Troy handed the board a copy of a Resort Homes Lease he drew up regarding Resort Homes, Inc. leasing the property from the association for the office. Elaine Galeone of lot #447 noted that on Troy's Property Management contract it states that he will main the gate from 9-5, 7 days a week. That is currently not the case. On Sundays, the office is only open from 10-4. The association is currently paying for 2 extra hours that should be taken care of by Troy. Troy noted he will change the contract. Joe stated he would like to run this lease by our attorney and discuss this lease at the next meeting, (June 19, 2004). Al Taylor of Lot #41 asked how long the lease is for and was told it was a 10 year lease. Al wondered why a 10 year lease, why not a annual lease or monthly lease. There are some of the questions the board should ask the attorney. Also the homeowners would like to have a say in this lease. Elaine Galeone of Lot #447 mentioned the problem that Mystic Harbor had with Mr. Burbage and his sales building. Troy stated the HOA has a choice to move the office or buy the office at his price. Al Taylor of lot #41 mentioned the issue seems to be the term of the lease. He would be willing to buy the building from Troy for $100,000. and would be property manager for free with the money that Troy is making from the resales, etc. from that office. Sally Williford of Lot #351 asked if any moneys are being exchanged. The answer is no. Sally is willing to assist in any way with the association on this matter. Joe asked the rest of the board to look over the lease and give any comments they may have to him and he will forward them to the attorney. Joe wants to make sure this is in the best interest of the community. Joe will also make sure that there is no conflict of interest with the attorney. If there is, will have to get another attorney for this issue. Joe will meet with the attorney and get a written response to be discussed at the next meeting on June 19th.

Next on the agenda was the Internet Communications with the Board members. It is important for the board to know what we send to each other. The way it is now, Troy answers the questions to the association and board. There is no need to have all of the board respond. The questions come in to Wendy, she answers the ones she can and forwards the rest to the board. Troy will answer them and forward the answers to the board. Troy often calls the owners with their questions to discuss them. Joe agreed that he would like it to continue that way.

D. Open Discussion Vince Castelli mentioned to the board that he and Carl Thompson are picking up the new umbrellas the latter part of April and will need the balance check in the amount of $1095.00. Vince also reminded everyone of the Work Day coming up on April 24th. He also asked if new sand could be put at the volleyball court.

Mr. Lapinski of lot #408 asked why we did away with Bingo on Saturday nights. Joe answered that we need people to run the events. He can't be here every Saturday to run it himself. Troy stated we need to check with our attorney to see if Bingo is legal. Joe mentioned that we will seek legal advice on this.

Joe stated that the board had received a resignation letter from Nancy Howard of the ECC committee. She had to resign due to health problems. The board accepted her resignation and asked for anyone who would be willing to replace Nancy. We will also be putting this request in the next newsletter. Mr. Lapinski of lot #408 also asked who put weed killer behind his home. The board will take a look at it, but the lawn crew have not been here since the middle of December and will not return until April 5. Joe mentioned that we will be putting something in the next newsletter regarding if you do not want weed killer, etc.

Carl Thompson of lot #108 stated that there are year rounders in the community that are feeding the geese. Can we take pictures and fine the owners. Joe will run it by the attorney to see what we can do.

Elaine Galeone of lot #447 asked what Neil Falters job description is. Why doesn't he or any of the grounds crew punch a time clock. Also, every week Neil collects overtime. He also received two bonuses, got paid double for holidays. What is he doing that warrants this? Troy noted that Neil is the head groundskeeper. He comes in on weekends and takes out the trash at the pools and pier. There was some discussion as to Neil's duties.

Al Taylor of lot #41 stated that as a result of the last assessment, this has opened everyone's eyes as to where the moneys are going and how they are spent. He felt we needed to thank the owners for their time spent. Joe would like to have these issues put in writing and he will address them in that matter.

Roland Knight of lot #140 asked what the association is doing regarding Sharp Gas. Joe stated that in the past Sharp was treating each owner as a separate account. They are now talking to Valley Gas to see what they can do. The board does not want to take a stand as to who you choose as a gas company. Troy noted that Eastern Shore Propane will be coming to the next board meeting. Debbie McConnell of lot #260 posed a question as to why we don't have job descriptions for our employees. Vince Castelli noted that if the worker knows his job, its best just to leave him alone. Joe stated that the board will take that under advisement. Joe thanked everyone for coming and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 3 p.m.

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