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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Minutes from the Homeowners' Association Meeting, June 25, 2005


June 25, 2005 Minutes

A. Welcome and Call to Order -President-Joe McGee, Vice President-Vince Castelli, Treasurer-Troy Purnell, Secretary-Elaine Davidson, Member at Large-Vince Miller, Valerie Sharp to record the minutes. There were 32 homeowners present and signed in.

B. Code of Conduct ; was read by Joe McGee

C. Property Managers & Treasurer's Report: Troy Purnell reported that the reserve money for 2007 was used in 2005 for the Clubhouse roof. There was a transfer of funds from the reserve account to the operating budget account of $13,700.00. We got a bonus roof out of it because the roofer's accidentally did the county building roof, at no cost to the homeowners. We replaced a mower this year at a cost of $7,800.00, and retired one that was 7 year's old. In the budget report you will see the $13,700.00 as an income, but it was a transfer from the reserve account into the operating budget for the Clubhouse roof. Cost for insurance and administrative costs are down this year. Maintenance-special projects this year was the clubhouse roof. Monies spent on amenities were an equipment purchase of a mower. On the balance sheet all money market monies that we collected for the special assessment last year is in the money market account. The reserve fund has $23,800.00 and we add to that each month. The next big expense will be paving roads.

D. Old Business:

  • Pools - Valerie reported that the pools were approved and opened on time this year. Joe McGee wanted to inform All homeowner's if they have a problem with the life guards, please report to Valerie in the front office. Please don't say anything to the life guards, just report it. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.
  • Floating Piers -2 will be installed on the front pond and 1 will be installed off the fishing dock. The one being installed on the fishing dock will need a ladder of the side of the dock, which Carl Thompson and Ray Howard, beautification Committee, will take care of for the community.


3.Fountains -The front pond fountain was looked at by Frick Electric and it could not be fixed by them because it wasn't their equipment, so Joe McGee is having another Electric company check this out.

4.Throw Rugs New rugs were purchased and installed in the Rec. Center and the Clubhouse.

  • Courtesy Personnel Meeting : The meeting was held and the rules were gone over and discussed.
  • Signs : Vince Miller reported 26 signs are to be made. Including one for the pier, several stop signs, and pools signs.
  • Umbrella's - Vince Castelli reported that 2 of the brand new ones snapped and he will have those returned.


E. Committee Reports:

  • ECC -Chairman- Bill LeFevre -Lot#20. Bill reported his committee have completed the first inspections and 59 letters were sent out for the violations. If you did not receive a letter you probably received a reduced list that was attached to your door. Bill's committee will be doing follow up inspections on any previously cited properties to make sure violations were taken care of. The ECC has a complaint form that is available in the office for any homeowner to fill out if they see or know of an ECC violation. Bill said that 1 homeowner has been cited for a violation and notified of the fine. He, the homeowner, has the right to appeal this to the Board of Directors. All violations are recorded into your Lot# file in the front office; you are permitted to look at these.
  • Beautification Committee -Chairman- Carl Thompson -Lot#108. Carl reported that on April 30,2005,A.P. Clean-Up day, that several items were taken care of including: Pier-swept & cleaned: Front entrance-weeded and new flowers-also a new event announcement holder for the front gate, Clubhouse-new screen system installed. Trees were also planted around the community. Carl would like to thank everyone that helped out and encourages more participation of the community. He especially would like to thank Keith Ward -Resort Housing, Neil Falter and Chris Palmer-Grounds crew, Valerie -Office, for all they contributed. Carl would like 2-4 seater Paddleboats added to our front pond. Ray Howard- Lot#243 -We installed 50 new pier caps this year and we need a total of 360 to finish. Joe McGee replied to get a total cost and submit it at the next meeting. Ray told us there are 25 new life preservers in storage.
    • 3. Budget Review -chairman-Mike Tebin-Lot#14. Mike and his committee had requested the general ledger for review. Troy and John Comegys supplied that and other financial reports. Mike was questioning the $40,000.00 surplus. Joe McGee explained that money was taken out of the reserve account for the pool repairs. When the budget was adopted at the December 2004 meeting it is for the operating budget of the community. So
    • the repairs were considered a special project and had to be taken out of the reserve fund. There was a lot of discussion about line items and how they are put into the ledger. Every accountant firm has their own way of entering and it was explained. Ed Brunno-Lot#274 asked the Board if there had ever been an independent audit done on the community. Troy Purnell answered there is an independent audit done every year. Joe McGee thanks everyone on the committee for all the effort they put into their findings.
  • By -Law Committee- Cathy Ortel-Lot#338. We met with the Board to give our suggestions and proposals for the blue book updates. Most of our revisions are minor and others complicated and are a work in progress. Joe McGee said the Board approved most issues BUT WILL NOT approve of the mailing of proxies. Bob Coughlin-Lot#183 reported that their committee has proposed some changes in the wording. At the annual meeting the committee would like to bring up recommendations and or suggestions. Cathy Ortel said the committee would like to secure the work they’ve completed and was approved by the Board. Joe replied by saying at the next meeting we should set a time and date for the approved packages to go to all homeowners for their vote. We also would need a return date on the packages. Joe suggested that this be completed in October/November. Joe also suggested that a meeting be set up for July 9, 2005 to go over items with the By-Law Committee. This will be an open meeting.



New Business:

1 . Drainage Problems -Neil has taken care of most of them but we have some that are to be addressed in person to see what the Board has to do and or contact to rectify the problems. Andy Lapinski-Lot#408-has a concern over a drainage problem. Joe McGee is familiar with this problem and answered Andy by saying that the concrete pad that is existing is on an easement and that means it is the homeowner’s problem, even though the previous owner is the one who had the concrete poured. Joe said the HOA should be responsible for the drainage pipe that is under the pad, but the HOA should not install another pad, for the same problem might arise again in the next few years or so.

2. Nominations -3 Board Seats up for election;Troy Purnell Edward BrunnoVince Miller

Bob Molle Open Discussion: Troy announced there is $7,000.00 allocated for special projects.


Open Discussion

Carl Thompson asked if we could get 2-4 Seater Paddleboats this year at a cost of $3150.00? Joe McGee responded that we have $7,000.00 in the special projects account. Vince Castelli made a motion to purchase. All in favor

Ray Howard asked about the Clubhouse ceiling getting repaired. Joe McGee responded by telling the homeowners that the leak was caused by Sharp gas letting us run out of propane this winter. When the air conditioning unit was turned on, the build up of condensation in the lines leaked through the ceiling. Joe would like Valerie to contact contractors and get bids to fix the problem.

Bill LeFevre wants to know if we can restrict commercial vehicles from coming into the community if they don't abide by the speed limits? Joe responded that the property manager should send a letter to the Salisbury Times to inform them of the multiple speeding violations and possible refusal into the community, if they continue to disregard the posted speed limits.

Bob Molle-Lot#308-asked about Sharp Gas still not replacing his rusty propane tank. Joe suggested that with such poor customer service from this company, he suggested looking into another company for his propane needs.

Joyce Hudson-Lot#184-Being a member of the ECC is there a problem with us approving concrete or pavement installation? How do we, ECC, know if there is a drain or an easement? Joe responded that if a driveway that is extended to the property line, as in the case of Andy Lapinski, it went over the drainage grate. We don't know who did this. A 20 X 20 driveway pad can be approved.

Bill Landano-Lot#228-has concerns over golf carts cutting through his property.

Cathy Ortel also had concerns. She wanted to know if the signs were up. Joe responded that the signs were up and he suggested filing a complaint form to be submitted to the ECC with the lot number of the golf cart driver. Joe also would like an announcement in the newsletter.

Carl Thompson is concerned over the dumping of batteries in the regular

trash. These are considered Hazardous Waste and will NOT be picked

up by the trash company. It is up to the individual homeowner to take

care of these. Joe asked Valerie to put an announcement in the


Cathy Ortel-Lot#338-Can we clear an area at the end of the fishing pier so you can drag your Kayak or canoe out? Troy responded that we want to make sure there is no permit required for this.

Carl Thompson and Ray Howard asked for parking bumpers to be installed at the Clubhouse and Rec. center to avoid people driving into the fence and/or building. Joe asked that they draw up a sketch of how many were needed and where they would be placed. Adjournment -Vince Castelli made a motion to adjourn the meeting. All in favor.

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