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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Minutes from the Homeowners' Association Meeting, July 9, 2005


July 9, 2005 Special Meeting-ECC Fine and By-Law committee review

Call to Order by President Joe McGee.

This meeting is being held because of an ECC landscaping violation on Lot# 229.

By Law Committee changes in the wording of the Blue deed book regulations and rules.

Cathy Ortel-Lot#338 - ECC committee representative showed pictures of the landscaping violations. Cathy explained that the use of the existing flower beds was filled with sand and surrounded the home and was never approved and would not have been approved as it was done. There is a concern over the sandbox being butted up against the neighbors air conditioning unit. There is a safety issue about possiblity of a child putting their fingers into the unit and getting hurt. The other issue is putting in this landscaping without an ECC form. The committee sent a letter to the Geigan's informing them of the violation in September of 2004. Another letter was sent in December to fill out an ECC form for the work they had done. Bill Lefevre tried to contact the Geigan's and have them talk to their neighbor and it did not transpire. So unfortunately there has been no resolution to this matter, so a fine was set. The Geigan's have appealed to the Board and it's being heard today. Cathy said most of the landscaping could be approved with the exeption of the sandbox next to the air conditionig unit.The ECC would like the property to it's original state.

Mr.& Mrs.Geigan-Lot#000 -wanted to thank the Board for allowing them to come and voice their opinion. We've been here for 13 to 14 years. I'm a pastor for 30 years and I can't be here on weekends or for Board meetings. We've been fighting weed problems for years. We noticed another homeowner had placed sand in their flower boxes and it solved the weed problem. We did not realize we needed to submit a form to do this. We then went to the office and Tony told us where to get the sand. Joe interupted to say Tony doesn't work for the Homeowners Association. We purchased sand that is a 50/50 mix of sand and clay and it doesn't blow away. Mr.LeFevre called and told him that the job was very nice except for the air conditioning issue, and Bill asked that I try and talk to the neighbor about this.When the Geigan's made an attempt to contact and speak to the neighbors it was to no avail. The Board's Reply- Troy Purnell stated that in the future that the 50/50 sand clay mixture should be added to the landscaping options for the community because it is very beachy. The ECC will still remain in the guidelines as far as being 18 inches off of the courtyard. Joe McGee said that the Geigan's move the sand 48 inches away from the air conditioning unit and restore the common area back to its original state and the other landscaping can stay because it is not in violation. The Geigan's agreed to do this within 4 weeks. Vince Castelli made a motion to reduce the fine from $150.00 to $25.00. If the work isn't complete in 4 weeks the full fine will be inforced at that time. The fine issued will be for $25.00. Joe McGee will assist Mr. Geigan with the final ECC form for approval. Vince Castelli made a motion to have the Geigan's move the left side of the sandbox 18 inches. Vince Miller 2nd the motion. All in favor. Joe McGee thanked everyone for their time. By-Law Committee- Joe McGee and the board went over the entire wording changes proposed by the By-Law Committee that are to be voted on by all homeowners.These are the results. Joe stated that there would be NO Proxy Ballots done by Mail ! They can be resubmitted to the Board but it must be done soon so that a packet can be mailed out to every homeowner for approval. Joe stated that this can not be done at the Annual Meeting it has to be done by mail. Some of the proposals need 3/4 or 75% , some 2/3 or 66%, votes to be approved by the homeowners.

Joe McGee said he should send a letter to all homeowners about the vote process for the Association .

1. Article V- membership was okayed .

2. Voting Rights-okayed.

3. Board of Directors- wording has to be changed from 5 members to 3 as discussed in previous meeting and shall be members of the Association .

4. Proposed changes-
A.The bottom line has to be changed to Must be Ammended By Mail ,
B. Boats and All Trailer Types- can be parked in driveway for 48 hours. Ray Coates said any trailer is a vehicle you PULL behind, NOT A MOTORHOME. A proposed ammendment for boats and all types of trailers may not be parked or stored on a lot for more than 48 consecutive hours if space is available in the boat storage area designated by the Association. A consecutive period shall be deemed to be ended by removal of boat or trailer from the lot . If it is returned to this lot with in 12 hours, It will have to be removed from it. No more than 1 boat or trailer may be parked at one time, regardless of availability of space designated by the Association. Parking of Motorhomes, Recreational Vehicles and Camping trailers on the streets except for loading and unloading there would be a 1 hour time limit between April 2-September 29 for parking a motorhome in the driveway or on the street, you have 24 hours to load and unload from September 30 thru April1st.
C.Guests & Invitees: change the wording to MUST register.
D. Television & Radio : Include the wording that you must have an ECC form submitted.
E. Class of Members : include "All proxy holders must be owners."
F. Working Capital Contributions- will increase from $150.00 to $200.00. Section 5-Proxies -change the amount of time for which a proxy is valid.

Section 5. Vacancy -Adds: the termination of property ownership to those reasons a board vacancy may occur.

Articles of Incorpration
1-Nomination- removes the words non-members from those eligible to be nominated to run for the board. Establishes the duties and responsibilities of the nominating committee.
2. Election- Adds the use of Proxy Ballots for elections.
3.Qualifications -Change to: you must be a member of the Association. Membership-Article V - Membership-Eliminates Class B Member and defines a Class A member. Article VI -Voting rights-Eliminates Class B Member. Article VII-Board of Directors change to: The affairs of the Association shall be managed by Board of Directors who Shall be Members of the Association. Information Statement-Add H*- Enforcable against an owner and an owner’s tenants. Information statement-Add I*- Ammended By-Laws Adendum. The Committee will make the required changes and resubmit to the Board and to our attorney- Ray Coates. Joe McGee is putting an announcement into the August newsletter about the by-law changes and that the Board and Ray Coates have approved these changes and would recommend all homeowners respond to this by a certain date. These changes will be mailed to each homeowner with a returned, stamped envelope for everyone's response. Most of these have to have a majority vote to pass.

Joe McGee thanked the Committee for all the work they put into this matter and called to adjourn the meeting. All in favor.

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