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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Minutes from the Homeowners' Association Meeting, August 6, 2005


August 6, 2005 Board Meeting

The Board and the By-Law Committee met at 8:00am in the Clubhouse. Present were Joe McGee-President, Vince Castelli-Vice President, Troy Purnell-Treasurer, Vince Miller-Member at Large, Bob Molle-Secretary, Cathy Ortel-By-Law Committee, Bob Coughin-By-Law Committee, and Valerie Sharp-Recording Secretary.

The board and the By-Law committee went over every line item that was discussed at length at the July 9, 2005 Special meeting. Joe McGee has talked to Ray Coates and there were a few word changes that need to be made. Troy made a motion to approve these proposals as amended with the 3 corrections to be made and subject to Ray's approval. Vince Castelli 2nd the motion. All in favor.

There will be a letter sent from the Board explaining the new additions and revisements to the By-Law Book. The board also decided to send out a 5x7 postcard to every homeowner to cast their vote for approving the new amendments. This should be sent out by August 16, 2005 and returned by September 16, 2005.

1. Joe McGee welcomed everyone and introduced all the Board members.

  • Treasurers Report: Same as the Annual meeting.
  • Old Business:


  • a. Floating Docks-2 are in at the front pond and the third will be placed if we don't have to have a county permit for the end of the pier.
  • b. Fountains-Carl Thompson's son in law replaced the capacitors in the 3 phase converter in the front pump. The problem is that we need 3-phase electric to that fountain or it will not work properly. Troy told us that Choptank is going to put a transformer into their budget next year and we will have to run a line to that spot, but we will have enough capacity to if and when we decide on the trash compactor it will be available to us.
  • c. Signs needed for the ponds saying "Catch and Release Only". Vince Miller will order these.
  • d. Drainage in the Rec. Center-The pumps have been moved inside the pump room and rerouted. Joe talked to John Jarvis and was led to believe that the floor was going to be fixed when they moved the pumps. Troy said he's working on that.
  • e. Camera's at the front gate-We need bids on the gate system and new gate cards and/or a new security system. This needs to be done before the Budget meeting in December. Valerie contacted Hawkins electric, and


Troy contacted Tech Toys and neither company has gotten anything back to us yet. Joe wants the security cameras checked and said if need be we should look into a new system because this one is over 8 years old. Troy said Tony Russo used to work on them.

f. 4 seater paddleboats are in the front lake. All 4 of the paddleboats that needed repair are finished and 2 are to be delivered soon.

> Ed Brunno-Lot#274 requested the minutes from the June 25th meeting. Joe told him when the board proofed them they would be available, probably by the middle of next week. Ed also wanted to know if he could review and request access to his file. Joe told him yes.

> Power Outage-Phil Villanueva-Lot#186-Why did it take 3 days to alleviate the electric problem. Joe stated that it should not have taken that long to get everyone up and running. Phil suggested that maybe if this electric company doesn't have access to equipment that's needed in an emergency should we be looking for another company. Could Frick Electric stay here until the problem is fixed, not come and go over the course of 3 days?

> Kathy Drosey-Lot#120-Would like the sign erected that states the hours for the Basketball court.

> Cathy Ortel is concerned about the foul smell and garbage in the pond behind her home there isn’t any circulation. Could we get a fountain for that pond? Joe said first we have to fix the one's that are not working.

>Elaine Galeone-Lot#447-who's responsible for the boat slip maintenance? Joe replied that Neil has done that in the past. Joe said that the cost of the chemicals is high and some of the chemicals don't work. Joe suggested that he would meet with Darlene Hale (chair person for the boat storage committee) and get her input and see if it could be the responsibility of the slip owner to get rid of the weeds. Vince Castelli suggested that each homeowner that rents space be responsible for the removal of the weeds. He also suggested to have Valerie put a statement put on the boat storage form that informs every boat storage area owner that they are responsible for the slip conditions. Joe said we have 2 ways to go. One is maintenance of your own slip or 2-raising the fees for the storage area.

>Ray Howard has reported that all of the pier caps are installed and he’s working on the spikes on the top of the lights to deter the sea gulls from landing and making a mess of the pier. All parking bumpers are installed and will be painted when cooler outside. Trees on Assateague Way have all been trimmed.

4. New Business

  • a. Renters-Problems at the pool with not obeying rules and regulations of the community. After much discussion the board felt that the ECC could write a letter to the homeowner about the violation that the renter did, and if need be a possible fine could be incurred by the homeowner.
  • b. Motorized operated scooters-Joe told us that in our by-laws it mentions mini-bikes, nothing about motorized scooters. It will be sent to Ray Coates for his assessment.
  • c. Activities Director-Elaine Galeone has E-Mailed all board members about her concerns about getting a paid full time position that would cover the responsibilities of the activities of the community. She would like more youth oriented activities. Instead of having the front desk trying to take care of that position. Joe responded favorably to this suggestion.
  • d. Bike Rack-Ray Howard has asked for a bigger bike rack for the Clubhouse.


Carol Emory-has suggested that the homeowners Association should honor the Thompson's for the dedication to the community over the years. Joe McGee agreed and said instead of planting another tree he would buy them a beer instead. After a large chuckle the audience was favorable to that! Vince Castelli made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Troy seconded it. All were in favor.

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