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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Minutes from the Homeowners' Association Meeting, December 3, 2005

December 3, 2005 Board Budget Meeting

Welcome and called to order by President- Joe McGee. Present were Board members Vice President-Vince Castilli, Secretary-Bob Molle. Troy Purnell and Vince Miller were unable to attend. John Comegys, Accountant, and Valerie Sharp-recording secretary, and 23 homeowners. Joe went over the Code of Conduct for meetings.

Property Managers Report: Joe reported that the ceiling in the Clubhouse has been repaired by Resort Homes. The other contractors never returned calls or their bids were excessive.

Treasurer’s Report was delivered by John Comegys. He stated that as of October the overall projected budget for 2005 was under budget by $12,000.00. He went through all the categories and explained. The only question was from Mike Tebin-Lot# 14-(Budget Review Chairperson). He wanted to know why we had to pay a finance charge for the electric. John explained that the August HOA 3 rd quarter bill is sent out in mid-September and the dues come into the office in October and November. The decision was made to pay it late. John said that an alternative would be to bill the 3 rd quarter in mid August or bill monthly in the summer months of June, July and August. Joe McGee brought up that would mean a separate meter reading in August to have the funds available for the highest bill for electric for the season. Another suggestion was to use the Associations line of credit. After much discussion, Joe said to table this idea until the January 21, 2006 meeting.

Budget: John Comegys explained the way he approaches the upcoming year’s budget. He figures in the cost of inflation. Estimated costs for payroll will be around 4%. Insurance could escalate after the first of the year, due to the hurricanes this year. Pool expenses will be 5% or higher. Special Projects this year are the Gate & Camera systems, Pool repairs, Fountain, 3-Phase electric, Joe McGee went through the line items with John to compare actual comparisons to the proposed budget. John has suggested a 4% increase in the dues to incur these projected costs. That would be approximately $10.00 per quarter per homeowner. Joe McGee also looked at the electrical expenses and told the homeowners that with all of the lines being 15 years old, we could eventually have problems, like we had this summer. Where the lines had to be replaced because of their age. Bob Molle said as much as he and the homeowners hate to see an increase, with this budget there was nothing that jumped out dramatically. With inflation, gas and electric and all these situations that are going on now. We don’t know what is in store for the year 2006. I would rather be protected and possibly get money back than not be protected. Bob Molle made a motion to adopt the proposed budget for 2006 as proposed. Joe McGee decided to table this motion to go over the items of expenses for next year before adopting the proposed budget.

Beautification Committee: Joe McGee read all the proposals by this committee.1-The stove will be checked and replaced if necessary. 2.-Sound system will be checked by Bob Molle’s son-in-law. 3.- Buy 3 new umbrellas. 4.-No to buying artificial plants for the Clubhouse. 5.-More discussion purchasing a new pond pump. 6.-Check sizes of safety vests. 7.-Landscaping and creating new planting areas—some but not all. 8.-Painting road lines on parking spaces at both pools. 9.-Replace clubhouse pump room door.

Gate System- Bob Molle went over a 5- proposals for consideration by the Board This system would replace and upgrade the card reader system, upgrade the intercom system, and install cameras around the community. After much discussion over the different facets of this system, Joe McGee would like Bobs son-in-law and Hawkins Electric to come to the next Board meeting and answer questions about these systems.

Valerie will contact Hawkins to have a representative come and speak at either 9:30 or 10:30 to address the community. Bob Molle made a motion to table the finalization of the proposed 2006 budget until the January 21, 2006. Vince Castelli 2 nd the motion. All were in favor.

E. 1-Scooters-Joe talked to Ray Coates, attorney for A.P., and was told the battery operated were okay in the community. Joe now has to find out about the new gas powered scooters.

2-Single Phase electric to be run from transformer to pump house. Valerie to get the estimate from Frick Electric for the January 21, 2006 meeting.

3-Fountains- Replacement and/or rebuild the old fountain. We need the estimate for the single phase to accommodate the other 2 phases, so we can use the 3-phase fountain.

4-Eastern Shore Gas Pipeline- There was questions on the status of the pipeline. Joe would like the representative, Steve Ashcraft, to speak at our next meeting. Valerie to set this up, if possible.

5- Trash Compactor-Joe McGee asked that this be put on the agenda for the January21, 2006 meeting.

Committee Reports:

ECC- Bill LeFevre had a few issues to go over. The first was the fine to a home owner who has 3 violations that have not been rectified within the specified time. Joe advised that the Board will insert the fine with their assessment and send it to John Comegys, so he may send it out with the HOA dues. The fine was for 3 violations which was in the amount of $150.00. The second issue was about the registration of golf carts. After a discussion Joe advised that the ECC committee have a definition of a golf cart and a procedure for the inspection of the golf carts. Joe would like this reviewed by the Board of directors and Ray Coates, attorney, for approval. Bill would also like to modify the word drugs in the fine system not just the word intoxication. Joe said to talk to Ray Coates on this issue also. Bill and his committee will be doing their ECC home inspections this year in June instead of May. The violation notices will be sent out the 1 st week in July. Questions from homeowners: Cathy Ortel-Lot#338-There was an incident in the community involving a guest that was staying with a homeowner. This guest was on drugs and was trying to break into someone’s home and it terrorized the owners. The police were called and he was taken away. Cathy’s question was what could the Board do about this? Joe’s response was it was a police matter. Joe also suggested that he; Cathy and Bill LeFevre discuss this matter first and come to some kind of resolve. With Bill’s expertise in law enforcement will help make an informed decision. The homeowner is responsible for what their guest damages and/or violates any of the By-laws. Allen Taylor-Lot#- wanted to ask if the gate attendant could have more authority and maybe be able to summons a ticket at the time of the violation. Joe wanted to move the meeting along without further discussion on this matter until the Board and the ECC could make a more informed decision.

By-Law Committee-Allen Taylor-Lots# 41,179,214, and 391 would like to remind all homeowners to please send in their BALLOTS as soon as possible. There were numerous hours spent on getting these revisions updated and worded correctly.

Boat Storage - Neil took care of numbering the cinderblocks that identify each slip.

Open Discussion:

Vince Castelli would like to thank Neil and the grounds crew for the clean up and skirting replacement in the community after Hurricane Wilma. Joe McGee added that Neil is one of the biggest assets of Assateague Pointe. Homeowners present applauded.

Nikki Woodhams-Lot#46- Why doesn’t each homeowner get the proposed budget as a handout? Joe answered that in the past this was done. The reason it is no longer handed out is because one year when it was a handout, it left this room and went into the community and stirred up a hornets nest because of one particular line item. A homeowner was saying the (“Board was undermining the system”) because this particular item, when in reality it was only a PROPOSAL. Nikki is interested in being on the Budget Committee.

Bill Landano-Lot#228- When your pilot light goes out, just call your propane provider to light it again instead of calling a Heating & Air company for an emergency visit. They will do this usually with out charge.

Joyce Hudson-Lot#184-There has been talk of recognition for Carl Thompson and the work he’s done throughout the community, but as of yet, nothings been done. Joe responded by saying that everyone agreed to buy him a beer when you seen him. Joe also reminded everyone that there is a workers party for all the volunteer work that is done in the community. We all agree that Carl Thompson and Ray Howard have done a lot of work and they have also saved the homeowners money and are a big asset to the community. Joyce had another question for the board about letting dogs run without a leash if they are under the control of the owner and were cleaning up after them? This is a concern because people are afraid of getting a fine. After a lot of discussion Joe decided to let the ECC committee go over this and return their findings at the January 21, 2006 meeting.

Bob Molle made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vince Castelli 2 nd the motion. All were in favor.

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