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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Minutes from the Annual Homewwners' Meeting, Saturday July 24, 2004

  1. Call to order, welcome introductions: Recording secretary, Valerie Sharp, the meeting was called to order by President Joe McGee at 8:15 a.m. Present were board members Vince Castelli, Vince Miller, Troy Purnell, and Valerie Sharp. Joe welcomed everyone present and explained why there was a meeting so soonafter elections. Joe explained that because of being sick he had missed a lot that had transpired in the last two meetings. Joe announced he was pleased with the turnout for the elections. There were 144 present and 215 proxy's represented. A total of 359 homeowners. Joe called Bill Lefevre to speak first because of a lot of material that had to be covered. Thanks! Applause!
  2. Handouts: Agenda, July 17, 2004 minutes, Pool Expenses.
  3. ECC Committee: Bill Lefevre of Lot #20 wanted to go over guidelines with the Board members. Bill also announced the new Enviromental Control Committee members. They are President, Bill Lefevre of Lot #20, Vice President, Al Taylor of Lot #41, Cathy Ortel of Lot #338, Joyce Hudson of Lot #184, and Bill Landano of Lot #228. Bill thanked everyone that has volunteered for service at Assateague Pointe. Bill has a request that Valerie send out thank you's to all alternates, and she agreed. Bill stated that the people who were selected, as a group, would need information to function to do the best of their ability. Guidelines need to be updated and defined. The guidelines need to be outlined by the ECC and given to the Board of Directors for final discussion and approval to take action. Bill suggested having a Binder made, by Valerie, for each member on the ECC consisting of the Blue/Yellow Book for the guidelines. Bill also stated Joyce Hudson, who will be in Assateague Pointe for most of the summer, will have a very active role in the application process. Bill would like three letters drawn up for violations. First, a letter to advise the homeowner of the violation, the date, and a 30 day grace period to address the problem. Second, a formal warning letter that the homeowner would have two weeks to rectify the violation. Some examples that were given: Golf carts, number placement, lights, age requirements, and gas vs electric. Vince Catelli stated there are gray areas of the bi-laws that need to be addressed. Example: A women from Berlin comes to Assateague Pointe to swim. She is not a homeowner, but she has a gate card from a homeowner. Vince Miller brought up an incident that golf carts are being driven on common grounds by the ponds and this area is being dug up and ruts are forming. Troy Purnell stated that signs are to be posted that "No golf carts are allowed in common areas around ponds." Third, a imposed fine. No fee over $500.00 Bill Lefevre said. It should depend on the severity of violation. But his committee doesn't want to be part of the fine system. Joe McGee stated that with the previous committee the fines were determined by the Board. Bill Lefevre stated that for fines to be in place there's a need for a list of infractions or violations, some mechanism in place. Troy Purnell agrees with Bill that there needs to be a guidelines list, either in the Blue Book or ECC Violation Book. Bill also asked about any guidelines from Worcester County about how many cars can be parked in a driveway. Troy Purnell stated originally it was two spots per lot. If parked on lawn it is a violation for destruction of the ground property. Bill is to list and fill in blanks with the ECC Board for warnings, and violations, etc. Then present his findings to the Board. Vince Castelli agreed with Troy. Bill Lefevre brought up that two new homeowners did not receive the Blue Book. Vince Miller was going to find out and rectify this matter. Vince Castelli said the ECC must have an application approval for any stick built addition. If there is no application, the ECC could site the homeowner. He also stated that in an emergency situation, there is a leeway. Example; a skylight leak in roof. If a roof is needed, you must have an ECC application filled out, then taken to the office with diagram. If applicable, ask Valerie for completeness of filled out form, then she can call an ECC member and the ECC Board can sign off. Finally, Valerie can mail this to the homeowner. Vince Castelli also brought up driveways or roof replacement that are replaced with the same material do not need a ECC application. But, if you change colors you will need an ECC application, Joe McGee said. Troy Purnell said the ECC guidelines will be addressed in the newsletter. Joe McGee stated the homeowner is responsible for ECC approval form, not the contractor. Vince Castelli said that new silver top additions need a ECC form filled out and signed. If no application is filed with the ECC, there should be a fine. Bill Lefevre's closing statement was; the ECC are here to help keep up the standards in Assateague Pointe, with timeliness of approval of applications. ECC violation letters haven't been sent out yet, and Valerie is checking into this.
  4. Old Business: Bathrooms. Joe McGee has had a few complaints about them not being clean. Windows need to be done daily, and the cleaning person needs to be informed. The floors are recommended for non-slip purposes, they are clean. The recreation center has a leak from the pump room. Troy Purnell said the seal around the pump was broke and was leaking but, it is fixed now. There's a low spot under the wall where the water collects and a new concrete wall will be built to aleviate the water drainage.
  5. Fountains: No fountains will be replaced this year, instead all the signs are being replaced. About 90% are complete.
  6. Drainage Problems: Troy Purnell said Neil and the ground crew will fix the drainage problems in October. Joe McGee said Lot #236, #237, and #222 need to be looked into because the plumber has checked and replaced the hydrant, yet there is still a lot of water.
  7. Cameras: Discussion on a different system for the front gate monitor, where the camera's would be in the phone line, (Digital). Two local companies are giving bids for this service. Vince Castelli will ask Sieman Company for assistance on choosing a digital camera system, which you can view on-line. A suggestion also made of maybe adding a camera to the boat storage area. Troy Purnell wants to discuss this matter at the Budget Meeting.
  8. Gas Line: The gas line going down Route 611 that may tie into Assateague Pointe. Troy has suggested that the gas company come to a future Board meeting.
  9. Bingo: Troy Purnell told Lucille Smith that over to Frontier Town, a form of Bingo is called Candy Bar Bingo, which Lucille can get more information from Frontier Town. We cannot have a regular Bingo game, as of present, you need a 502C-3 permit. Assateague Pointe does not meet the requirements.
  10. Pool: Troy Purnell is operating right now under violations.
  11. Old Business Pools: Troy Purnell asked for monies to be moved from the Reserve Account to Accounts Payable, for the plastering and repairing of the pools. Vince Castelli 2nd the motion. Vince Miller brought up a penalty for pool opening delay. Troy said there was a ten day delay. Joe McGee made a motion to pay the Rec. Center Pool bill of $17,320.50, but hold back $1,000.00 of the $18,940.00 bill on the Club House pool because of Memorial Day non-opening, with a letter attached stating this, from Troy Purnell. Follow up on fixing baby pool concrete.
  12. Homeowner Party: In years past Assateague Pointe used to have a "Homeowner Wine & Cheese Party" to meet and greet homeowners, which was held in March. There will be more dicussion on this at the next Board Meeting.
  13. New Business: New committee for By-Laws. We need volunteers, then each Board member is to choose one of these volunteers to make up a committee. Joe McGee stated the committee should review the existion by-laws. Troy Purnell made a motion to form a By-Law Committee and was 2nd by Vince Castelli. Vince Castelli thanked Troy Purnell for being Property Manager. He has first hand knowledge of getting the proper and best services in the area, as he lives in the area. Joe McGee brought up the transformer for Assateague Pointe. Troy took care of this problem alone, the estimated cost of replacement was $8,500.00. Troy being one of the orginial developers knew that the Electric Company had under estimated the size. Assateague Pointe benefited from this knowledge and we now have a larger transformer.
  14. Paddle Boat: Carl Thompson suggested we need a new one, the cost is $1,500.00 plus shipping. It needs to be in the budget. Joe McGee said the play ground pilings need to be replaced. Carl would fix them if he could. Vince Castelli stated we need twenty new life preservers right now and they were approved at $5.00 each.
  15. Trash Receptacles: Vince Castelli has questions on dump fees. He would like it to be looked into, to save money. We will have five dumpsters instead of four during the busy season, three small and two tall dumpsters.
  16. Welcome Committee: A big thank you to George Fauth and the work he has done. We welcome Vince Castelli as our new Chairman.
  17. Thank You Letters: To be sent to life guards and Chair people who have worked on events. Welcome Committee, George & Pauline Fauth, Carl Thompson, and Ray. Beautification Committee, Bill Lefevre and Al Taylor-ECC. Workers Party we will send out letters and wait for RSVP, then get with Vince Castelli for the final count, and hold it September 25, 2004.
  18. HOA Meeting Dates: Sept. 25, 2004 at 9:00 a.m.
    Budget: Nov. 13, 2004 at 9:00 a.m. (Club House)
    Planning: March 12, 2005
    Board of Directors: June 4, 2005
    Annual: July 16, 2005
    News letter Information, Board of Elections results, and new ECC Committee members.
  19. Comcast Cable: In September, go to Ocean City main office and ask about off season rates.
  20. Open Discussion: Bill Schmuck, Lot #281-Renters and Golf Carts, who is responsible for damage, rules, and regulations. Joe McGee answered, the homeowner. Shirley Fisher of Lot #304, asked when the pool was closed there were no signs posted by the pool company. Joe McGee said in the future there has to be a sign posted by the pool company. Elaine Galeone of Lot #447, asked if Ray Coates was still going to be working for APHOA, because at the last meeting the board was looking for another lawyer. Cohen Peters of Lot #324, wanted to know why we stopped recycling. Joe McGee told him people were putting household trash into the recycling bins. Cohen also was concerned about golf carts being driven into and around the ponds and behind people's homes. They are digging up and making ruts. Vince Castelli made a motion to put up signs stating "No golf carts allowed behind homes or around ponds on the common areas." Troy Purnell 2nd the motion. Cohen wanted to know how effective our security camera's were. Joe McGee said they work very good but, again we need volunteers to view the videos. Lucille Smith of Lot #145 was concerned about an incident at the pool, are glass bottles allowed around the pool area? Troy Purnell told her that "NO GLASS" is allowed in the pool area in the screened room, that safety is the main issue here. If glass breaks in or near the pool water, you can not see it. Lucille also wanted a sign put on the baby pool gate stating; "No Diapers are allowed." Joe McGee thanked everyone for coming and the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

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