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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Minutes from the Homeowners' Association Meeting, September 25, 2004

A. Call to Order and Welcome Introductions
Present were President Joe McGee, Vice President Vince Castelli, Property Manager & Treasurer Troy Purnell, Secretary Elaine Davidson, Member at Large Vince Miller, and Recording Secretary Valerie Sharp. There were 26 homeowners in attendance.

B. Treasurers Report: Troy Purnell
As of August 31, 2004 the Accounts Receivable was $8,857.00. Expenses were $1115.00 that's under budget. Maintenance was $11,886.00; under budget. Money allocated for the pool plastering was under budget due to partial payment of the pool company.

C. Eastern Shore Propane Gas Line
Representative Steve Ashcraft came to inform AP homeowners of the possibility of a tie in of Assateague Pointe to the 8 inch propane gas line that's being laid down Rte.611. Steve explained that the initial hook up fee would be $125.00; a $4.50 monthly meter read charge. Rates for the propane gas would be competitive with other gas companies. Steve also stated that the possibility of an independent survey from Eastern Shore Gas going out to homeowners about the possibilities of accessing the gas line into the community, and what the participation level would be. This was an informative possibility not a mandatory change in your choices for Propane Gas Services.

D. Property Managers Report: Troy Purnell

  • Clubhouse Roof- Several leaks. We need more than one roofing company, (O.C Roofing) to bid for this job. We want the best company at the best price.
  • Front Pond Fountain- The estimate to repair the fountain and put in another phase unit is $1565.00. We now have a single phase unit in place. It has the capabilities of a triple phase unit if needed. Will be discussed at the Budget Meeting on November 13,2004.
  • Phase II Pond- A homeowner who is a pond professional suggested putting a blue dye in to help control the algae build up. A lot of the problem was due to weather conditions.
  • 2 Lawn mowers are needed for next year. To be brought up at the Budget Meeting in November.
  • Grounds- Erosion control being taken care of by Neil and his crew. Neil's been able to keep up with and is still busy. To Neil and his crew a big Thank You for a good job done.
  • Pools-We need the return line under the Baby pool repaired at the Clubhouse pool. Bids are being taken and must be in by next week. Board wants it fixed now, not in the spring! Rec. Center pool has a leak in the pump-room. It's going to be repaired by putting a 3 to 4 inch concrete curb to divert the water away from the wall.
  • Front Gate-A former Hawkin's employee wants to do the work on our system. Joe McGee wants bids submitted for the gate work. Troy wants to get the system as tight as possible.
E. Old Business:
  • Pool- Troy said we've had the best year ever for life-guards in the past 10 years. We've had the worst year ever as far as the Health Department partnership. We were under violation for the entire season. Pools Need to be operational now so the repairs can be completed and so the Health Department, who agreed to do this, can inspect one last time this year. Troy will be taking a two day course from John Jarvis to obtain an operator's license. This will alleviate several of the violations we were cited on. Another concern with the pools were the dates for opening and closing for the season. The contract this year was from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Next year the contract has to be for an extra week at the end of the season. A 911 Phone placed inside pool area for both pools was also an issue for the Health Dept. Vince Miller talked to the inspector and Vince was told there is a company that could do the job for a minimal fee, if in fact we have to do this. Joe McGee stated the majority of the pool problems we had were due to lack of chlorine in the pools. John Jarvis is the supplier for American Pool Company's chlorine. John stated that they only purchased 1/2 of the required amount that is usually needed to maintain the pools. Joe McGee said that Scott of American Pool Co. did not fulfill his obligations. Joe also wanted to thank Troy for getting two thirds of the life guards this year.
  • ECC committee- Bill Lefevre-Lot#20, wanted to thank his committee for all their diligence and hard work so far. Letters have been sent out for violations. We've had a very good response. Joe McGee also added that this committee has been very active and well organized. He thanked them for stepping up to the plate to get things completed.
  • Signs- Vince Miller- Lot# 374, told us that the new signs were made and almost all are posted. Neil's getting them installed. Joe McGee asked if the faded ones have been replaced? Vince said no. Joe gave him the okay to get those 4 signs replaced. Joe thanked Vince for the fine job he did. He also stated that we've been trying to complete this job for a while.
  • Drainage Areas: - Troy Purnell said if anyone is having a drainage problem please report it to Valerie at the main office. Neil will try and alleviate the problem. The majority of problems are taken care of. There are a few problems with the joints of the storm water boxes. They need more than Neil, his crew and a shovel to fix these. Andy Lapinski-Lot# 408 talked to Neil about back fill behind his home. Neil went and looked at it and said he would come back and fix it.
  • Bathrooms: We need to hire a cleaning person.
F. New Business:
  • Bill Lefevre-Lot# 20 has brought before the board a proposed fine system in reference to the Blue book lot restrictions. The violations have an attached dollar amount depending on the severity of the violation. Joe McGee asked about the letters that are being sent out. Bill explained that the first was a notice and you have 30 days to rectify the violation. The second letter is a warning notice that the violation hasn't been taken care of and you have 7 days to give us your compliance date. The third and final letter is the amount of the fine. Serious or dangerous violations will be fined automatically, and a formal letter of the violation sent to the home owner and a copy will be put into your file. Bill is submitting this to the Board of Directors for approval. Joe McGee made a motion to accept the ECC committee's fine proposals pending approval from our attorney. Vince Miller 2nd the motion.
  • Windows- Clubhouse and Rec. center-Replacement of damaged windows. We have 2 bids from 2 companies. This will be discussed at the Budget meeting on November 13, 2004.
  • By-Law Committee- We are accepting resumes for volunteers. You may send them to the office for Valerie to make copies for each board member to review and make their decision.
  • Audit/Budget Committee- We are also accepting short resumes for volunteers for the Audit/Budget Committee.
  • Beautification Committee: Carl Thompson-Lot#20: We have 2 old canoes with holes can we give them to the boy scouts? There's 1 old wooden boat and 2 fishermen want to fix it. There's 1 old wooden boat and 1 paddle boat that are junk. There is a trailer full of junk that's cut up. Vince Castelli made a motion that all the old boats be approved. Joe McGee 2nd the motion. We need to replace 4 dead trees. Who does Troy use? Troy said to red tag the trees. Pier piling at pond can we get this done this year? No funds available this year, bring this to the November budget meeting. The total cost of putting in the two piers will amount to $5,000.00.All the work will be done by volunteers Troy will look into getting the floatation devices needed to do the pier. He thought the cost of that would be around $5-600.00 for each one. The committee wants to black top from the road to the existing pier so it can be used by handicapped . The cost of the blacktop is $793.00. Vince Castelli made a motion to approve the pavement walkway to the pier, with the funds coming from the road maintenance. 2nd by Joe Mcgee. The trees that were planted last year died and they have a warranty. Troy will call Yardman and have them check and replace those trees. The committee has planted several plants around the community. At the playground entrance the fence needs repair and painted. Carl Thompson and Ray Howard can fix the fence but would need a painter, Neil if possible. Ray Howard-Lot#243 said that they will install the roof ventilator at the BBQ pit in the spring. He would like a new sound system at the clubhouse installed which would cut costs on getting a DJ for different functions. Vince Castelli said they need to find someone who knows how to work the existing one. The clubhouse needs a new microwave. Joe McGee approved this expenditure. Ray wanted to know the status of the electric proposal Donna King of Lot#268? Troy has sent two letters requesting the information and hasn't received anything as of yet.
  • OC Roofing Issue- Joe McGee addressed this by saying there is discontent among homeowners in Assateague Pointe, because of substandard or shabby workmanship. They're not taking care of their problems so I'm concerned they won't take care of mine either. As homeowners we should not endorse someone who doesn't stand behind their work. This is our position now concerning O.C. Roofing.
G. Open Discussion:
Vince Castelli opened with a letter from George Fauth, formerly of lot #319, to let Homeowners here know their manufactured homes are now considered "real property" not a vehicle because they are tied down. When transferring ownership it is considered real property. As new owners you can go to the MVA and the deed will be written as a lot and improvements, (lot and model home with add on). Joe McGee said that there was an article in the Maryland Coastal Dispatch that Assateague Pointe was a possibility for a cooperative campground. The article stated that it could be occupied 8 months of the year and shut down completely for the other 4 months. Troy is on this board and stated this article does not pertain to Assateague Pointe. President Joe McGee wanted to address a concern he had involving Mr. Kessler- Lot#355. Mr. Kessler reported that an unidentified neighbor saw the grounds crew mowing that day. Mr.Kessler's sliding door was shattered and he wanted replacement. Troy was called and informed about the situation. Troy investigated the accident and shared his findings with the all the board members. Joe announced that after discussion and investigation that the HOA was not responsible for this particular incident. Joe is going to talk to Mr. Kessler. Joyce Hudson of Lot#184- We need better communication. The newsletter stated that the pools would be shut down on Labor Day. In fact they were open an extra weekend. The sign was posted No Lifeguard Swim at your own risk. It wasn't posted anywhere so no one knew about it. In years past, when there was a schedule change it could be posted at the gate opening on a small announcement. Joe McGee agreed that we need better communication in the community and that's a good way to do it. Carl Thompson-Lot#108-is very concerned over the oversight of some of our pet owners. They are not cleaning up after their pets. Joe responded by referring the complaints to the ECC committee. Joe said not to be afraid to ask anyone who is doing this what their lot number is and take to the office for the ECC to send out a letter about the violation. Carl also mentioned that the HOA truck needs a tune up because it's running rough. Ed Brunno-Lot#274-Where do the fines from the ECC committee go? Joe McGee answered that the fines would go into a general fund. He's hoping that when we get 1 or 2 fines out, the message will be clear and our homeowners will honor our blue book by-laws. Ed also wanted to know if the board has an alternative means for resources to offset the budget? Joe answered by telling him that at the budget meeting we did a line by line itemization. Certain line items are set and some we have no control of. We try to do or best but there's always room for input. Joe wanted everyone that has donated their time and their talents to our community a big thank you. These people really help offset costs. Joyce Hudson-Lot#184. Are the association fees going to be raised every year? Troy answered by saying that there could be a possibility of a rate hike due to inflation. Joe McGee said that the board should make sure we, the board, do everything possible to keep costs down and keep up our services. If we have to raise our rates, some people are going to be mad. We have to maintain what we have here in A.P. Roland Knight-Lot#140. The board voted on a 4 percent annual rate raise at the last meeting. Joe said he did not remember voting on that but he will check the minutes from the last meeting and the December Meeting. Elaine Galeone-Lot#447 had questions about the budget. Actual vs Budgeted for 2001, 2002, 2003, thru July of 2004.She split out all expenses of the general ledgers to show each individual expense. By doing it this way you can see from year to year where you can do better on the budget. It shows where expenses are increasing and how Other expenses have decreased. This might help the board with future budgeting matters. Elaine brought up the profit of the gate cards in 2003. Joe answered her by saying that as of the last couple years homeowners are now buying the remotes so that could be the reason for the profit. Elaine wanted to know if at settlement the new homeowners are getting gate cards from the previous owners. The point of this is I feel like were losing control of who has what. Joe said I would hope at the time of settlement the new owners were getting the gate cards. Elaine said her other security issue included the storage sheds. Joe said he had just talked to Neil and Neil told him that to secure that gate was to make the opening large enough for the lawn mowers to go through only. He plans on doing that. Joe said that when the ECC fines have been approved that the ECC committee could look at this as a security issue and have a notation to homeowners to refer to the blue book. Vince Castelli wants to make sure the fines will be publicized. Joe McGee said that once they are approved by the lawyer, they will be. Elaine stated that she agrees with having to raise HOA dues, because they are a necessity to over come rising costs. What she doesn't agree with is special assessments. Joe explained that why would the board raise dues if we were under budget this year? If the board can avoid this they will. Charley Keeney-Lot#11 . I've misplaced my blue book and need to need clarification. Bill Lefevre of Lot# 20 from the ECC committee said only 2 vehicles per lot in the drive way, and no off street parking. The county has to be able to respond to emergency calls. All other cars are to be parked at the pools. Vince Castelli moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:15. 2nd by Joe McGee, all in favor.

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