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March 23, 2019@ 9:00 AM at the clubhouse

Assateague Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Minutes from the Homeowners' Association Meeting, April 16, 2005


April 16, 2005 Meeting Minutes

A. Call to Order and Welcome; Present were President -Joe McGee, Treasurer-Troy Purnell, Secretary-Elaine Davidson, Member at Large-Vince Miller and Valerie Sharp to record the minutes. Joe informed the home owners that Vince Castelli wasn’t able to come to this meeting because of his recent heart by-pass surgery. Joe wished him a speedy recovery.

B. Code of Conduct; Was read by Joe McGee.

C. Property Managers Report; Troy Purnell reported that the clubhouse roof was replaced this week. We still have the one shed roof to be completed and they are coming as soon as they get the shingles. A new lawn mower was purchased. Pool problems from last year were mainly chlorine levels and poor record keeping. Joe said we absolutely have to have these pools open this year on time. Troy responded by saying they would be open in 3 weeks for sure. The pump rooms will be cleaned out and new cement in the Rec. center and they are to be painted. The pump room at the clubhouse needs a new door.

D. Treasurer’s Report; Troy reported that is the same as the last meeting.

E. Old Business;

  • Pool Contracts; The cost for the 2 pools this years contract is $35,900.00. Opening day is May 28, 2005 – September 12, 2005 (Labor Day) .The pool contract cost has to be revised for the extra week at the end of the season. The Friday night swims will be at the Clubhouse this year. Troy will supply the certified pool operators this year not the pool companies. Resort housing will be responsible.All correspondence from the Health Department is to go to Resort Housing regarding the pools. Joe McGee told the Board and homeowners about the Board of directors from White Horse Park wanting to meet with our Board to discuss the pool situation they also encountered last year. They were never certified either. Joe wants to meet in coming weeks with them. Troy made a motion to accept the pool bid. Vince Miller 2 nd the motion. Joe McGee said that if both pools are not open by Memorial Day the association will get the extra week for free. Troy amended the first motion to include this stipulation. All were in favor.
  • 3-Phase Electric vs. Single phase for the trash compactor and the pond fountain. 3- Phase will be expensive to have installed initially vs. Electric would be more expensive in the long run because you have to use 3 times the electricity. A cost comparison has to be taken to determine the best outcome.
  • Dumpsters- Joe said we need a 30 yd. in there for the large items such as furniture and branches, bushes, etc. We also need an additional 20 yd. for the summer. Valerie will take care of.
    • 4. Floating Piers- Troy got 10 free stainless steel and aluminum floating piers from Tyson waste water facility. We need large equipment to
    • move these. Troy said he’s trying to get them here 4 to5 days before Memorial Day.
  • Mailbox- Valerie reported that the new mailboxes are installed and in your regular box will be a notice of the switch to the new boxes and the keys will also be in the notice. I f you have not been down recently you can go to the Ocean Pines Post Office and pick up your new mailbox keys.
  • Boat Storage- An observation was made by Valerie that slip owners who leave their boat here all year long and are not paid by the March 15 deadline should be fined an extra $25.00. The Boat Committee will review this.


F. Entertainment Committee : We need people to chair the Flea Market, July 4 th picnic to be held on the 3 rd , Youth Campfire and the New Year’s Eve’s Party. Anyone interested in volunteering or chairing please contact Valerie at the front office 410-641-1671.

G. ECC Committee: Bill LeFevre-Lot#20 –the revised and approved fines will be in the newsletter. The inspections will be starting soon.

H. Pool Committee- We need 2 more people for this committee

I. Budget Review Committee- Mike Tebin- Lot#14. Our committee met on April 2 nd and went over the December and January entries. In the accounts receivable entries show up at the end of the month instead of the day it’s billed. Our next meeting is on April30th, 2005.

J. Beautification Committee- Ray Howard-Lot#170-2 screen doors on the clubhouse have to be repaired. He also wants 1 master key for the pool gates instead of several. Carl Thompson-Lot#108 said that Clean-Up day for Assateague Pointe is April 30 th at 9am. The committee will be doing the screens and Neil needs to move the furniture from the porch. Troy will get the mulch. The pier caps have been ordered. The water spigot near the pier needs to be turned on. Bill Ritter put up new shelves in the rec. center storage room. A Big Thank You to him for his time and talents. Troy will ask Keith, carpenter, of Resort homes to look at the fence by the playground. Rainmaker to look at the pop-up sprinklers by the front pond.

K. By - Laws Committee- Al Taylor-Lot#41,179, 214.Al reported that the wording in the By law book has been updated and looked over by Ray Coates, HOA-attorney, for more specific wording.. The Board of directors will review the findings and finalize all final wording in the By-Law book revisements.

L. New Business-Joe McGee would like to see another rug in the entrance to the clubhouse. The other one was being used on the porch for safety reasons. Valerie will order. Joe also addressed the damage to a lawn from an ATV or a golf cart. There was mud dispersed on the entire back of this home, which the homeowner is going to have to have power washed. There was another incident in the community where a homeowner’s grill was stolen from his courtyard. Both of these incidents happened during the winter months. One other incident was the taking of someone’s solar lights out of the yard. Joe asked that everyone try to look out for each other’s places when you’re visiting. Bill Landano-Lot#228 would like an announcement put in the next newsletter.

M. Open Discussion : Al Taylor wanted to know where the floating docks would be located. Joe answered by saying 2 would be at the front pond and one off the pier on the bay. Linda Miller-Lot#79-addressed the issue of the gate guard opening the gate for her and he doesn’t know her. Troy told her that they start to recognize people and as a courtesy they open the gate. Troy said there will be a courtesy personnel meeting soon. The courtesy personnel are to drive thru the community and observe at least 6 to 8 times a shift. Check the trash receptacles and write on there sheets how full they are. Check the rec. center and clubhouse. Bill LeFevre-Lot#20 asked if at all possible could the gate attendants on their rounds make a note of the lots that the skirting has been blown out by the wind. Then could Neil’s grounds crew replace it. Joe answered by saying if time prevails it could be feasible. Ray Howard-Lot#243 wanted to know if and when the gate system is going to be updated? Troy said it should be looked into. Joyce Hudson-Lot#84 was concerned over the occupancy restrictions. She wondered if Troy could go to the county and have something Grand fathered in just for the residents that are here over the 8 month guidelines put in by the county. Troy said it was a bad idea. The major problem is our sewer and water system is not built to handle year round usage. The discharge water that goes into the spray field does 40,000 gallons per day in the summer versus 10,000 gallons per day in the winter. Carl Thompson would like a note in the newsletter about NO MOTORIZED SCOOTERS in the community.

N. Joe McGee motioned to end the Meeting. Elaine 2 nd it.

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