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Special Announcements

2019 Proposed Budget

Click here to view the proposed budget for 2019.

New Board of Director Announcement

To:  All Assateague Pointe Homeowners
From: HOA Board of Directors

As you are all aware, with the tragic loss of Joe McGee, in July,  the Board of Directors were tasked with appointing someone to fill the “5th” seat on the Board.  Several years ago, with the loss of Vince Castelli, it was decided that the Board should make, and keep updated, a list of potential appointees should any elected Board member not be able to fulfill their duties during their elected term.  This in no way interferes with the normal nominations or elections of individual Board members as individual terms expire.  Without further ado ……….
It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Joe Mosby to the Assateague Pointe Board of Directors.  

Joe has joined the Board effective 1 January 2019 and will fulfill the remaining portion of Joe McGee’s term which will end in July of 2020 at which time he will need to announce his desire for nomination for the general election.  Joe and his wife Lillian are residents of Pennsauken, New Jersey and have been homeowners in Assateague Pointe since September 2011.  Joe is a U.S. Air Force Veteran and a retired Instrumentation Designer, that occasionally does consulting work.  Both he and Lillian enjoy taking vacations, traveling, camping, salt water fishing and kayaking. although Lillian will probably pass on the kayaking
Please join us in welcoming Joe to the HOA Board of Directors
Keith Shoff

Farewell to Summer Feast

Attention All Homeowners,

Since the Luau was cancelled, we have come up with a replacement event. It is called FAREWELL TO SUMMER FEAST on Sept 1 at the clubhouse at 6:00 p.m.

This event will feature Steamed Shrimp, Steamed Oysters, Oysters on the half shell, Fried Oysters, Oyster Stew, and Corn on Cob, Cole Slaw, Beer, and Soda.  

This food will be prepared by Dave who has done our Shrimp and Crab Feeds.

We must have a minimum of 60 people registered on or before Aug. 28. The Cost per person will be $35.00.

We will be taking signups at the crab feed the evening of Saturday 18 and you can also call Val at the front office to resister for this event as well.

We hope to see you there, due to the short time left please register A.S.A.P.

Goose information

There has been a goose spotted "sitting" in numerous spots around the community..since geese fall under the Federal Migratory Waterfall Act.. (Federal Control) there is little that can or should be done by individuals.. Although it may sound cruel.. It has been the position of the community to nature tak its course. Board of Directors

2018 Puzac Memorial Golf Tournament Winners

From left to right: Terry Foose, Nip Hockenberry, Patti Puzac, Pat Fisher, Bob Sweiger   

Score: 12 Under Par 60

Golfing special

Dear Golfing Friends,                                                                              

At Ocean City Golf Club, we have decided to embark on an exciting new program to reach out to the golfers in our area.  We recently achieved an important milestone, our 60th Year Anniversary and want to invite golfers in our area to celebrate with us as we look forward to the sixty-one years and beyond.  

It is important to note that this new program is far different from anything we have offered in the past. Golfers can purchase a two (2)-year golf membership with unlimited green fees, to Ocean City Golf Club for only $89/year (with a ten dollar per year admin fee) valid Monday to Sunday.     

It is our desire to connect with local players, and get to know them better.  We are also sensitive to the needs of individuals and families during this challenging economy, and we want to be proactive in delivering an affordable golfing choice.  We hope this will give golfers a way to enjoy the game they love.  We hope that families as well as all golfers and non-golfers alike will choose to play more golf and even take up the game, as a way to spend quality time with family and friends and build lasting memories.                           

In fact, we designed this membership specifically with family budgets in mind.  If golfers can play as little as two (2) rounds of golf per year, they can enjoy substantial savings by joining Ocean City Golf Club.  However, our program is only available for a short period of time, as we will accept only a limited number of additional memberships at these special prices.                                                                         

Please share (route/forward) this e-mail to/with your friends, family and co-workers; post it on your Facebook and other social media platforms as well as Tweet it out to all of your followers

 Of course, after you get your membership first! 

CALL US TODAY at 410-641-1779 to secure your membership at once.                         
No Catch, No Gimmick, No Green Fees - Just Great Golf!

Drive way sealing

 a 20 X 20 standard driveway will cost $80.00. make check payable to Pruitt's Resurfacing Structures and send to the main office, at 8552 Stephen Decatur Highway-Berlin,MD.-21811. If your driveway is larger or  you have a golf cart pad, there will be an additional charge.

Winners of the Puzak Golf Tournament 2017


Leo Geisler, Will Purdy, Matt Clark, and Steve Myers.

Worcester Animal control-CATS-410-632-1340

New Borders

It was brought to the attention of the Board of Directors at the beginning of 2014 that our siding, vinyl courtyards and sheds are becoming more brittle due to the UV damage and age of the homes. Because of these factors the Board passed a ruling that all exterior areas of the home need to be bordered to prevent as little damage as possible. As of January 15, 2015 all courtyards, sheds, (and vinyl picket fencing which sits on grass) will need to be bordered with a hard material such as landscape ties and or pavers. For sheds that sit up off the ground, these materials can be stacked on the bottoms of the sheds and courtyards. Landscape ties need to be anchored in the ground with rebar and not just laid on top of the grass. Another alternative is a white vinyl board which is sold at Home Depot which can be screwed in place at the bottom of these areas. We are attaching pictures which show what some of our residents have already come up with and hope these will help you with your planning.

Spring inspections for 2015 will begin April 15th and we will be checking that the new borders are in place in addition to the skirting borders which have been required for the last several years. We anticipate your cooperation and hope you will appreciate that it is our intention to keep our community looking its best.


The Environmental Control Committee &
Board of Directors


At the Board meeting in November, discussions were brought about the lack of communication between the Homeowners in violations and the ECC Committee. This Committee inspects homes with violations up to three times mailing three or more letters and also setting up hearings before they render a fine. Some violators feel they do not have to respond or if they do it is at the last minute or and sometimes after their hearing date. Right now there is a $50 Administration which is never waived and the Board is looking into raising this fee to $100 next year.

We all have different situations that arise and we cannot meet the deadlines for one reason or another. The ECC Committee will work with you, as well as the Board, however communication is the key. If we do not know your situation we assume you do not care. Please correspond in writing or email if you cannot comply, but please state the date the corrections will be completed. Assateague Pointe looks great as a whole because our Homeowners care and take pride of their homes. Assateague Pointe is the place to be in OC.

Again a BIG THANK YOU all who support and maintain your place in Assateague Pointe.

Joe McGee
President Assateague Pointe

Original Homeowners

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ECC E-Mail address and phone

CEO.Assateague@yahoo.com If you have responded in writing and still have questions you may then call 443-397-0171

Directors Voted To Make Both Pools Non Smoking

On Saturday July 11th the board of directors voted to make both pools non smoking. We have designated the area around the barbecue pit at the clubhouse as a designated smoking area. The area behind the Rec Center as a designated smoking area as well. We have placed smoking urns at both locations. Thank you for your cooperation.



 All Scooters must be have an off road license as of 2015,this according to Maryland State Law 

Celebrating 25 Years: watch the Anniversary Video here! Click Here for Special Announcements

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