General Rules

Be sure to review our document on Fines, Rules and Regulations.

    • Activities – Current events are posted on the Clubhouse, and Recreation Center bulletin boards as well as on this website under communications> events.
    • Basketball Court – A 1/2 court is located near the pier. Bring your own ball. Bicycles are not permitted on the court
    • Clubhouse – There is a large open area with tables and chairs, restrooms, shower facilities, kitchen facilities and a screened in patio. There is a wide screened T.V. also. The curfew is 11 pm on Weeknights and 12 am on weekend nights. The gate attendant may close earlier at his discretion. Children under 14 are not permitted without adult supervision. Please leave this facility as clean and empty all trash receptacles as it was when you entered.
    • Entry – The entrance gate has an intercom system that ties into the office and gatehouse should you need assistance. The exit gate opens automatically as it detects the metal of your vehicle. WARNING: ONLY ONE VEHICLE CAN PASS THROUGH EITHER GATE AT A TIME. Do not attempt to follow someone through while the gate is up. Bicycles and pedestrians should not use the electronic gates but should pass to the far right of the entry or exit gate.
    • Vehicles – Once inside please obey posted speed limits and be alert for children. Remember safety comes first! Only licensed operators may operate motor vehicles or golf carts. All vehicles, including golf carts and bicycles, should have lights and reflectors if they are being used at night.
    • Lake – Grills, picnic tables, and paddle boats are available at no charge on a first come first served basis. Life jackets are located in the Activities shed and dock boxes and they are required. Children under 15 must be supervised by an adult. Please release all fish caught. Please obey all signs and do your part to keep this area clean.
    • Laundry – Coin-operated washers and dryers are located in the Recreation Center building. There is a change machine located in the laundry room. No foreign coins or tokens accepted, as they will jam the machines.
    • Parking – Each lot has room for two parking spaces. No off-street or lawn parking is permitted. Additional parking space can be found at the Recreation Center, Clubhouse and Pier areas.
    • Recreational Vehicles – The Board of Directors has established that renters are NOT permitted to bring boats, golf carts, ATV’s, trailers, jet skis and etc. into the community
    • Wifi – Wifi is available free only at the Clubhouse, Recreation Center and both pool decks.
    • Pier – Our 8 ft. wide by 1,000+ crabbing & fishing pier is located on the southeast end of the community on the Sinepuxent Bay. Foot traffic only is permitted. Docking is permitted for short periods – up to 2 hours. Bicycles and motorized vehicles are prohibited. Benches and trash receptacles are provided. Please do not litter. Walking on the wetlands is not permitted. Adults should exercise extreme caution when allowing children on the pier. Crab lines, fishing lines, crab pots & baskets must not be left unattended. Swimming & diving off the pier is not permitted. Please obey posted signs.
    • Recreation Center – The Recreation Center has a pool table, ping pong tables, air hockey, video games, vending machines, and restrooms/showers. There is a change machine that accepts $1’s, $5’s & $10’s. The curfew is 11 pm on weeknights and 12 am on weekend nights. No loitering will be permitted after hours outside this facility. Please be considerate of others where noise is concerned. The gate attendant may close the recreation center earlier at his discretion. Children under 15 are not permitted without adult supervision. Please obey all posted signs.
    • Swimming Pools – The pools hours are posted on the gates of each pool and this website. A lifeguard is on duty. Obey posted signs. Children under 15 are not permitted without adult supervision. No glass containers of any kind are allowed on the pool deck or you will be asked to leave.
    • Trash – Dumpsters are located just beyond the lake. Please help to keep this area clean. Do not throw trash on the ground. There is NO curbside trash collection.
    • Visitors and Guests – ALL visitors and guests are required to register at the Sales Office or Gate House to obtain a visitor pass before entering the community, regardless if they have a gate card or not.